MAM And PAMM Accounts: Diversify, Invest, Succeed

Are you a fund manager looking to scale your business? Look no further than Vantage’s MAM and PAMM accounts!

Take advantage of professional trading strategies while mitigating risk through diversification across multiple accounts – all on our cutting-edge platform. Join us today to experience the unparalleled benefits of our innovative investment solutions.

Key Features of Vantage PAMM and MAM

    With full control over the
    trading, our fund managers
    can make all the decisions,
    avoiding mistakes that
    clients may make.
    Ability to reduce trading risks
    through diversification and
    investing in accounts with
    different strategies.
    The relative safety of the
    investor’s capital, managers
    have no direct access to the
    Offer your clients full
    transparency, allowing them
    to see how their money is
    being managed and invest
    with peace of mind.
    Enhance your returns
    potential by having the
    flexibility to incorporate a
    performance fee and
    Take advantage of Vantage’s
    unlimited investor admission
    to reach a wider audience
    and grow your business
    Have the freedom to trade
    with any trading style and
    discover the strategies that
    suit you best.
    Leverage real-time order
    management and respond
    to market changes instantly,
    optimizing your clients'

Choose Your Fund Management with Vantage

  • PAMM Account

    In a PAMM account, the fund manager's performance fees are directly tied to a percentage of the investor's profits. This serves as an incentive for fund managers to strive for high returns on behalf of the investors they manage.

    PAMM accounts provide investors with an opportunity to leverage on the expertise of skilled professionals while pooling funds for potentially larger returns.

    Vantage facilitates this by offering unlimited investor admission into each of the funds. Moreover, the fund manager retains complete control over all trading decisions, ensuring efficient execution and management of the fund's trading strategy.

  • MAM Account

    In a MAM account, a fund manager trades proportionally across individual accounts, allowing investors the freedom to maintain control and customise their risk preferences.

    The MAM account enables prorated profit-sharing and sophisticated fund allocation for diverse trading strategies. It is well-suited for seasoned traders who prefer active involvement in investment decisions and fund allocation across various trading strategies.

Why Choose Vantage?

Vantage is an award-winning, multi-asset broker headquartered in Sydney, with over 13 years of market experience.

At Vantage, we hold ourselves to the highest regulatory and security standards, allowing your clients to trade with absolute peace of mind.

Gain a competitive edge with our partnership programs dedicated to empowering collaboration, driving growth and unlocking opportunities for our valued partners.

Award Winning Multi-Asset Broker


  • I find Vantage PAMM's interface to be quite good and intuitive. The automatic calculation of the performance fee is highly convenient. Thomas, my Account Manager, deserves special mention for his responsiveness and constant availability. It's one of the reasons why I've maintained a long-term partnership with Vantage.

    Romain, PAMM Manager

  • I am highly satisfied with the simplicity of using PAMM accounts; the interface is incredibly intuitive. The results achieved have been pleasing, not only for me but also for my clients. We've been able to generate profits rapidly. The Vantage team's high responsiveness and excellent service perfectly cater to my needs.

    Robin, PAMM Manager

  • I've had an incredible experience working with Vantage as a PAMM account holder. I've been able to passively connect to a successful trading strategy, and the broker's fairness and efficiency in handling trades, deposits, and withdrawals have exceeded my expectations. My Account Manager has been a true professional, always responsive and supportive. I highly recommend Vantage to anyone looking to venture into trading or seeking a reliable broker for their services.

    Kevin, PAMM Manager

  • PAMM accounts with Vantage have been a game-changer for my investment business. The user-friendly platform and dedicated account manager, Mila, have been crucial to our success. Mila's expertise and guidance have made a significant difference.I highly recommend Vantage and Mila for a successful investment journey accompanied by quality personalized support.

    Nicolas, PAMM Manager

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