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6 Popular WordPress Affiliate Plugins for Trading Affiliates  


6 Popular WordPress Affiliate Plugins for Trading Affiliates  
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6 Popular WordPress Affiliate Plugins for Trading Affiliates  

Vantage Updated Updated Thu, 13 April 2023 08:45
6 Popular WordPress Affiliate Plugins for Trading Affiliates  
What are WordPress plugins

In our other articles, we’ve covered all the basics of how to use and create your very own WordPress site. If you are new to the world of WordPress, you should definitely go and check these articles: Beginner’s Guide to Creating WordPress Website for Affiliate Marketing and Guide to Using WordPress for Trading Affiliate Marketing, so you’ll get a better grasp of this article.  

If you’re ready to take your website to new heights, buckle up cause we’re going to introduce WordPress plugins to help you officially kickstart your trading affiliate website!  

Here are a few things we’ll be covering in today’s article: 

  • What is a WordPress Plugin 

  • What can Plugins do for my website 

  • 10 Free and Popular Plugins  

What is a WordPress Plugin 

WordPress plugins are pre-written pieces of code that developers in the WordPress community create to “plug in” to your WordPress site. Plugins are something that can expand the capabilities of the already-existing features on your site.  

Imagine the WordPress core software as a new smartphone with the manufacturer’s default settings, and plugins as additional apps that you add to it. A smartphone is perfectly functional out of the box, but most users add more apps to improve their device’s usability and overall functionality. You can download, install and uninstall these applications whenever you want.  

Plugins for WordPress function similarly.  

WordPress is capable of powering a wide range of websites, including small personal blogs, professional portfolios, websites of large corporations and eCommerce shops. With the help of plugins, WordPress websites can have their functionality expanded while also being completely unique.  

Tip: WordPress plugins support self-hosted websites, also known as WordPress.org. While hosted versions like WordPress.com typically provide options for themes to customise websites, it is not possible to install plugins without restriction on these platforms.  To learn more, you can read our guide here.

What can plugins do 

With the help of plugins, it’s simple to transform a simple WordPress website into a fully functioning blog, online storefront, membership site, or website that can handle the intricate business requirements of a large corporation. Plugins can add necessary features for any WordPress site as well as features for particular requirements.  

Plugins can enhance your WordPress site by improving user experience with navigation, comments, subscriptions and security. They can also speed up loading time, optimise searchability, schedule posts, manage social media sharing and email lists, and improve site appearance with designer fonts, galleries, and media players. Some plugins are necessary for theme performance and to achieve site goals, including eCommerce features like product pages and shopping carts, landing pages, paywalls and other essential functions.  

6 Popular WordPress Plugins for You to Use  

which plugins to use

There are over 60,000 WordPress plugins available for you to choose from [1]. That’s an extensive array of plugins! However, we understand that it can be extremely overwhelming for new users to find the right plugin for your website. So here are five for you to check out.  

#1 Pretty Links  

Pretty Links is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to shorten, cloak and track links to improve the management, sharing, and tracking of URLs. The plugin enables users to create branded, memorable, and descriptive short links and provides detailed click analytics to optimise marketing efforts. 

Key features include:  

  • Create clean, simple URLs on your website 

  • Keep count of the clicks 

  • Turn each link’s track on or off 

  • Straightforward reports 

Beginner Marketer Super Affiliate  
USD$199/year USD$299/year USD$399/year 

Another great advantage of partnering with Vantage Partners is that you get access to our CellXpert platform where you can track links as well. Best of all, it’s all included as part of the Vantage CPA Affiliate Program, so you can focus on building your business. 

#2 Affiliate WP  

Affiliate WP is an affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress that allows businesses to create and manage an affiliate program on their website. The plugin tracks and manages affiliate referrals and commissions, generates performance reports, and integrates with popular eCommerce and membership plugins. Affiliate WP provides a user-friendly interface, customisable commission rates, and automated payout options, making it an efficient and effective way to manage and grow an affiliate program.  

Key features include:  

  • Easy integration 

  • Accurate tracking  

  • Customisable commission rates  

  • Automated payouts  

  • Affiliate growth tools  

Personal Plus Professional 
USD$299/year USD$399/year USD$599/year 

#3  MonsterInsights  

MonsterInsights is a popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress that allows website owners to track and analyse traffic and user behaviour on their websites. The plugin provides a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and customise tracking, view analytics reports, and make data-driven decisions to optimise website performance.  

Key features include:  

  • Easy setup 

  • User-friendly interface 

  • Customisable reports  

  • Integrations to provide a comprehensive view of website performance 

Plus Pro Agency 
USD$199/year USD$399/year USD$799/year 

#4 Thirsty Affiliates  

ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress plugin designed to simplify the management of affiliate links. It allows users to create and manage clean, memorable, and branded affiliate links, cloak long and complicated URLs, and track clicks and commissions. 

Key features include: 

  • Link cloaking  

  • Click tracking  

  • Automatic keyword linking  

  • Geolocation targeting  

  • Customisable link categories 

Basic  Plus  Advanced 
USD$159 USD$259 USD$399 

#5 AdSanity 

Adsanity is a WordPress plugin designed to simplify the management of ads on a website. The plugin allows users to create and manage ads, schedule and rotate them, and track their performance.  

Key features include:  

  • Ad management  

  • Performance tracking  

  • Integration to help make managing multiple ad campaigns in one place

  • User-friendly interface  

Basic Pro Lifetime 
USD$59/year USD$179/year $499/life 

#6 Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin that offers a number of features and tools to assist you in enhancing the visibility and ranking of your websites in search engine results pages (SERPs).  

Key features include: 

  • SEO-friendly 

  • Recommendations for enhancing content readability  

  • Assisting with the creation of XML sitemaps 

  • Managing website meta tags 

Both more seasoned users and beginners with no prior technical SEO knowledge can use the plugin because of its user-friendly design. Yoast SEO has a free version available, and the premium version costs USD$99 a year.  

There are loads of WordPress affiliate plugins that can help trading affiliates earn more commissions and grow their business. We’ve picked out 5 of the best popular WordPress affiliate plugins for trading affiliates just for you. It’s important to choose an affiliate plugin that is compatible with your website, easy to integrate and offers the features you need to succeed as a trading affiliate.  

No matter which plugin you choose to integrate into your WordPress website, it’s time to level it up! Check out Vantage Partner’s blog for more content like this. Don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Telegram.  


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